Last night I reached over to place my hand on your face and you weren’t there.

I thought about the way moonlight hits your eyes.

I miss your smile and your voice.

The way you say my name as if it were the first time.

The way you question me whenever I look in your direction.

The quirky things about you are the best things.

Fragments of your personality that I’m still learning about.

I miss being near you, wrapped up in your legs and mesmerized by your spell.

Running my fingers through your hair as I stare at your lips waiting for you to say something funny.

So that we could laugh together and kiss each other deeply.

We kiss as if we are exchanging oxygen on a dying planet.

No where to go, but into each other’s arms.

I miss the way your skin feels and how it looks next to mine.

I miss swimming in your ocean.

Your current taking me and not letting go.

I couldn’t get away if I wanted to.

Drawing circles with my words and feeling your body jolt while you pull me closer as I inhale your essence deeply.

I look forward to the next time I get to lay my eyes upon you.

Until then I’ll just think of the last time you were here.

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