Nutrients For Their Sun

My eyes are closed there, but they are open here.
Tentacles sliding across my skin as my shell is examined.
I see two realities before me.
I’ve been living one for the pass 20 odd years.
Sometimes my mind’s eye snaps back to a cold room.
My body hovering in mid-air.
The only warmth I feel is the gaze of a creature with black colored eyes that holds two pupils.
I feel something sliding across my arm, but when I look there’s nothing there.
Artifacts move into my vision as quickly as they disappear.
Am I living two lives?
Why do I feel something reaching at me from inside my chest.
Blood being pumped into me to keep me alive.
An experiment.
They’ve gotten better at keeping us alive so our lifespans have increased.
We thought it was our scientific advances.
The most gruelling experiences are hard to remember.
We are harvested to feed their sun so that they may sustain life.

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