Guard and Counter

I sling my confidence like a claymore.
Shatter her shield into a million pieces.
Now she calls me a keeper.
She’s writing a thesis about how blacks never needed Jesus.
We just need each other.
If I ever have any kids, I hope she’s the mother.
She always calls me out whenever I backtrack.
Looking for attention uploading shit on Instagram and Snapchat.
She inspires me to paint but I never do.
She licks her thumb to wipe off my ex’s old residue.
When she walks away it’s like the first time I ever seen the sunset.
I know she’ll be back when I expect it.
She leaves vines over concrete as she exhales her footsteps.
Gives gravity permission to keep her grounded.
Bending steel with her eyes.
Creating steam between her thighs.
My brain laced in her lace.
She sidesteps cupid’s arrows.
Her love is never taken, it’s given.
As I trip and fall into her rhythm.

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