Your Friend

you’re friend’s with someone.
you consider them your sister, your brother.
you break bread together. you live together. and if the zombie apocalypse ever became a reality.

you’d kill together.

well not really because the living dead isn’t really living but you understand.
you sit there with your friend and you’d always have their back just like they would have yours. One day you and your friend go out for food. You hear your friend say something in a low tone.

“there are a lot of blacks here…”

good thing you’ve had one drink at this point, because maybe your sober mind would find issue with this. Your partially drunken mind thinks.

what an astute observation there my friend! There ARE more blacks here than usual. You sir.. you sir.. you are someone that pays attention to detail.

yet you say something a little bit less sarcastic. You say it in a low voice also.

“yeah. I suppose there are.”

you and your friend are sitting on the couch playing video games. fun times are being made. this will be a memory that you’ll upload to Instagram tomorrow. Your friend says something. In a normal voice; it’s just you two so there’s no reason to keep it ‘hush hush.’

“you know Miranda is dating some black guy now.”

you haven’t been drinking, but you’re pumped up on adrenaline from destroying your friend in Halo. Like you always do. So you respond.

“yeah well fuck her! Didn’t she cheat on you?”

you and your friend are having dinner with other mutual friends. Some of whom that are black. The conversation is like butter. Everyone’s tossing out hip ass lingo and the drinks are flowing. Everyone is getting along. That cute girl that you’ve been eyeing since everyone sat down seems to be eyeing you back. You plan on asking her out once it’s all said and done. Someone brings up race and what’s been happening in the news. Your friend sits there in silence as everyone else debates over ways to fix the problem with racism. Some suggest being more fair with handling cops who abuse their authority. Someone else says it’s deeper than the police force, there needs to be some kind of social taboo about being racist. Your friend finishes his drink and orders another, but still in silence.

you think nothing of it. The girl you wanted to ask out actually approaches you. You and her talk a bit about politics and you both agree to go out for coffee later in the week.

crushed it.

you and your friend are driving back to his place when he brings up the conversation.

“i don’t understand why it’s blacklivesmatter it should be alllivesmatter. everyone matters.”

you try to explain to him that true. All lives matter, but the reason for people getting behind black lives matter is because blacks have to go through hardships that other races don’t. You also try to explain that isn’t even about which phrase is more important.

your friend seems agitated. He shakes his head and responds.

“they need to respect themselves before anyone else will. They kill each other over and over; and then they want people to sympathize with them. They do it to themselves. they should just try and make things better for themselves.”

you sit in silence trying to think of another angle to try and explain to your friend that he isn’t seeing the entire picture. You sigh and decide to remain silent.

your friend is racist.

you remain friends and as the years go on. You just chalk your friend’s beliefs up to: well that’s how they are. ‘Being how you are’ is not an excuse for being racist; and until people stop befriending and making excuses for people who think like that. This country. This planet that we live on, will continue to foster that mindset. It will continue to make it OK to be racist. Being racist is a choice and it is a decision. You have a right to think however you want. Being accepting of someone’s racism is also a choice and decision. Those that do that, are too. A part of the problem. I am the person that believes racism needs to be considered a social taboo. and not just a product of our society.

stop being friends with racist.
treat them like scum.
a gestation of hate and loathing.
snarling abhorrent creatures.
that’s how they view me.
i think it’s only fair.


@ The Sentient Bean – Savannah, GA


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