We Take Vacations Frequently

I miss when we were Pangaea.

Bleeding at the stitching that binds us together.

We like when our triumph shows.

Love when our soul glows.

Just let it.

Have fun as we tumble down the mountain that we climbed.

Hearts unwind until all that’s left are gemstones.

Wind blows our petals across the ocean.

As we pedal on our bikes powered by clouds.

Stopped to do an Ollie off the Great Wall of China.

Then our next stop was the rings of Saturn.

That’s the only ring you deserve.

Anything less and Cthulhu would have gotten her way.

Sway with me in the solar winds.

Reach for the climax with our finger tips.

Shake your hips and give Earth’s moon a proper ozone layer.

Life falls from your rhythm.

Grow dandelions behind my ear where you use to kiss me.

I miss the way the universe tosses me around whenever you’re around.

Bounce back like the moon bounce.

The actual moon’s gravity is the closest thing to how free I felt with you.

Remix every love song I ever sung.

Steal the lyrics of my heart and rip apart the second one I created as a shield.

Play the piano hidden beneath my scars and make love to me in my car.

Parked outside the expectation that this will be the newest and the oldest relationship that we will ever have.

Heart strings turn into diamond chains as you wrap it around my neck.

You know what I like.

You have a novel that has my name stitched on the snakeskin cover.

We claim we’re lovers, but it’s a lie.

We are love.

And we are infinite.

Ride the magic carpet with me while Robin Williams makes jokes in the background.

This is bliss.        

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