Would you like me if I looked at you from afar?
Approached you shouting my name and beating my chest before asking who you are?
What would you think if I ignored you enough to make you wonder if you were a priority.
Never giving you a chance to blossom and abusing my male authority.
Would you like it if I sat on the couch while you cooked and cleaned?
Ignoring your request to keep our space pristine.
How about if I chose a night out with friends over a day in with you?
Leave you in your favorite store alone as you shopped for shoes.
What if I yelled when all you did was tell me you’re not happy?
Instructing you on things that you can and cannot ask me.
What if every door was left for you to open?
Make you question the words from me that were spoken.
Would you stay if all I showed was lust?
My phone faced down locked to arouse a feeling of distrust.
Would it please you if my coldness was unending?
As I showed more kindness to random women that I befriended.


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