Our Kingdoms United

We waited for the moon to rise for our hearts to collide.
Down the stairs we ran as the clock struck twelve.
Holding hands as we began our romance saga.

Our Romance Saga

The battle of the three kingdoms.
Yours, mine, and one that we would build together.

Both our armies stood at each other’s frontline.
Awaiting a signal flare so that we would know to lower our weapons and no longer look at each other as enemies.
I approched your throne in red and gold armor with a dragon crest that rested on the left side of my chest.
You stood up and your gown made of chainmail rattled as it made contact with the floor.
My hand extended; I guided you down the stairs of your annointed chair and in my arms I took you.
I took your heart, your suffering, your dreams, and your body into mine.
As my desires melted into magma and your dreams began to crystalize; Both of our intangible wills surrounded the love that we had for each other.
In that moment we both could fathom what a life together would mean.
The idea that we could inspire those around us to love harder and forgive easier.
Instill that same love into our children so that they too may know what it is to grow in love so rapidly.
That it would only be matched by the expansion of the universe that our love would dwell in.

Our Kingdoms United

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