I look up from my phone in the direction where the remark came from followed by laughter. It’s too dark to tell so I look back at my phone. Being obtuse never got anyone anywhere, but it’s the safest way to stand on a soapbox without the risk of falling. A picture of Muhammad Ali appears on my Instagram timeline. A smile chiseled itself into the corners of my mouth. The night faded into the sky like a napkin soaking up dark blue paint. That same moldy smell sailed across my nostrils as I made my way to the bar I frequent. It had been awhile since I roamed the streets alone; Walking at a pace like I had somewhere to be. It was a ruse. Another weekend where I try my chances at meeting someone. I’m sure the chances had probably increased since they opened up that new shopping mall. The more I thought about it, the more I realized the kind of women I was interested in probably mainly shopped online. In between their video games matches they would order a summer dress and a pair of shoes that sat in their wish list.

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