There is a woman who has the ability to breathe life into words.
That wields a voice that wraps around your bones like vines made of wood to help you stand straight.
She has instilled in me one of the most important things a man should learn.
Her love is everlasting and it spreads far.
Her heart carries the worries of her family.
Yet she smiles.
Warm words that have the power to soothe if you’re in a bad mood.
However, her words will crack like lightning if you need to be reminded of yourself.
How mighty this woman is in my eyes.
Though often times she remains quiet.
I have seen her jump to action in an instant.
I am gifted, to have someone such as her in my live.
She is important beyond measure.
There have been days when my mind has been heavy and her warm words ease the tension.
Without having to mention that there is much on my mind.
Her aura shines down the hallway as I enter.
Always caring and always inviting.
How exciting it was to go to grandma’s house as a kid.
To wake up to breakfast after spending the night on the weekend.
There’s nothing else like that feeling.
I still think about it in my adult years.
My peers have stories about their grandmothers, but I have to explain to them why theirs is nothing like mind.
One of a kind.
She is the gem of my life and one of the biggest influencers of how I view the world today.
And with that, it is an honor and an utmost privilege to wish you a happy birthday.

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