Your head on my chest, I remember when you called me the best.

Me running my fingers through what’s left of our relationship.

Combing through the catacombs where we keep our secrets.

We don’t want to keep secrets, but we were never committed.

No advice is given to the other about what job isn’t worth having.

Graduated with honors, but never got the diploma.

Hoping they will mail it to you some day.

Until then, I’ll grade you on your effort.

It doesn’t take much effort to keep me around.

Send me a picture on Hangouts to let me know you’re still alive.

I visit your tribe to prescribe the remedy for your cancer.

I’ve had it all along, but wouldn’t give it to you unless you asked for it.

I’m selfish like your ex.

No, I’m selfish, because you miss your ex.

My footsteps in your apartment remind you of him.

I’m paying for his mistakes.

I hope you accept bitcoins, because our love isn’t tangible.

We meant it when we touched, we didn’t mean it when we kissed.

‘So Many Dynamos’ speaks to me on so many levels.

I don’t think anyone ever regretted going snorkling.

Your shallow waters was enough to get my feet wet.

No matter how much I tried to submerge, my wings were still above the surface.

I just assume you’re another girl with daddy issues.

I use that excuse like you use god to explain why you’re going through what you’re going through.

Have you ever looked at any shows about space?

Or do you just turn away when someone tries to explain how big the universe is?

Hopefully our kids will be better than both of us.


So Many Dynamos


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