Kindred Stranger(spoken word)


I have watched my kin argue over which sin is greater.

Is the greatest sin to not love the one that sits beside you in your calmest moments.

To those that think otherwise. Float on I say. Float on.

Why don’t we talk about which star is the brightest in the sky; Instead we contemplate whose status update deserves the most likes.

Yes this is another social media bashing recital.

Another speech about false idols.

We all heard what J. Cole said, now let’s match his effort.

I dare you to write down your goals in the morning for a week and tell me there’s no progress

We want the best and we deserve no less yet we regress to what’s familiar.

I feel like this is what my parents would have said to me if they feared like I wouldn’t reach my full potential.

They built a ladder for me so I wouldn’t have to worry about it.

If anyone knows my dad, they know he likes to build things.

I have seen the rivers of time unwind before my mind’s eye in my dreams and I say only to the majority of you, because everyone isn’t ready to be shaken and reawakened into the beings they were born to be.

Wasted souls will fall to the wayside with looks of surprise apon their eyes.

When they realize that yes we can fly.

Higher than we ever thought possible.

Unstoppable is the word that is uttered throughout the halls of my ancestors.

People always ask me:

Joe, what is that you believe in?

I believe in family, my friends, my kin, and myself.

Above all else.

I know myself and I know my potential.

I want to cast fire from my fingertips to kindle and inspire those around me.

It took me a few years to realize that just because they surround you, doesn’t mean they won’t ground you.

I’m not saying that my loyalty has changed, but sometimes you have to step back out of the sunlight so a flower can grow.

The only neutrally good and infinite thing in this world is love and joy.

So why not just be cool?

And spread it to a kindred stranger and tell them to pay it forward.


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