More Than Justfriends

Not really you’re the one that I need.
Never been one to have women on the side.
I only eat from one dinner plate at a time.
I can be greedy but, could you blame me if I like what you feed me?
We go together like two jump ropes on the playground being used for double dutch.
I’m out of touch with this scene, trying to remain sane while navigating this dating game seems to bring out the worst in me.
I mean the best in me.
I want you next to me.
I want to breathe in the atmosphere of your consciousnesses so that we may become stars together.
Let’s correlate our ideas and hibernate into each other so that we can emerge like the phoenix in Harry Potter.
Be my Hermione.
Stand beside me and guide me when I’m blinded from looking up at the sun too long.
Let’s put our bare feet in a stream and share our dreams of harmony.
Play that guitar solo gently with my heart strings.
I want to push you on a swing so that others can view you how I see you all the time.
Flying high.
Ready to take the jump into nirvana while ‘the way’ by Jill Scott plays in the background.
The music I hear when I see you enter a room with your hair commanding the attention of the entire Sun Tzu army.
He wrote a book about you called The Art of Love in an alternate universe.
The Art of War was really about a woman like you that he wishes he had taken a chance with.
You’re someone I want to romance with until I fill all the pages in my notebook.
So I start writing on my desk made of wood so that you can feel the vibrations that I feel when I think about you.
Joyous vibrations from the anticipation that we could be more than friends.
But until then.
I’m not trying to pressure you…
…I just want to know your name…
…And we can do more than hookup, hangout, and chill.

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