In Love With Memories

This is a place of darkness, please keep me well.
This is a place of darkness, please keep me well as I dive into the fish bowl of life.
Hoping that it can satiate my appetite.
Hoping that I can satiate her appetite.
So that when I wake in the middle of the night, she’s there to my right.
It’s been a long time since I been in love.
Someone please remind me what that feels like.

Has life ever been so bright you’re not sure if you’re doing wrong or right.
You just assume because you feel warm.
Instead of feeling torn between two ideas you just have one.
And she has the same as you, togetherness is all that you two care for.
It’s all that you two want to do.
A monsoon of emotion that’s contained in a glass bubble.
At the slightest hint of trouble there’s just a shake, but the glass doesn’t break.
That’s called security.
Blurring the line between what matters and what’s the matter.
Hearts melting away like peppermints after dinner, but before the kiss.
The taste of mint reminds me of the feeling of being missed.
I’m in love with the memories of when I was in love.
And for now that will do.
Until I meet someone that doesn’t remind me of you.

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