Exodus of Mind

There was a time when we as a people looked to those that were around us,
Instead of what we theorize may be above us.
This isn’t slander nor a way to push my agenda,
I only mention this as it as plagued my mind for some time ever since I started putting pen to parchment.

I am not here to prove or disprove divine intervention.
Or to explain the intermission between the onslaught of your bad days.
The words that I exhale are meant to be thought-provoking in the best way possible.
I am not knowledgeable on what it is that makes you wake up in the morning and press through to the end of the day.
Your sense of accomplishment may come from the acknowledgement of a greater power that moves you.
I am not here to derail your winning streak.
I do think it’s ironic that a slight exodus of people to escape the oppression of the clergy, used that same thing to oppress our ancestors.
Though it does bother me that our adoption of something that our former masters cling to has become what rest on our nightstand.
We read through the text and dissect the parts that align with our convenience and call it spiritual law.

Looking for ways to explain why we were ever slaves and how we ‘the chosen people’ could fall to that level.
The hurricanes aren’t following the slave ships from Africa, it’s just the way our planet works.
It’s hard to separate romanticism and realism in cases where things are not easily explainable.
You’ll have to excuse me at my inability to suspend all disbelief.
Is it the fear of death that causes us to drop our shield and submit to what is placed in front of us.
A precaution so that the gospel of damnation doesn’t get the chance to knock on our blood soaked doors made of wood.
I could put the Constitution and the Bible in the same glass case in a museum and call them artifacts from a different time.
Our version of Mythology, but everyone isn’t ready to throw in the towel just yet.
Maybe it’s all meant to be taken lightly and I analyze things too much.
I just think we could be greater if we only looked within ourselves for answers.


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