She Had Her Own Atmosphere

There are stars unseen and planets unclaimed.
Yet it is still your heart that I desire most.

Your body began where my thoughts ended.

A macrocosm that manifested itself from the warmth of your ocean that called to me through seashells that hung from your locs like a chandelier.

My heart resting there on the mantlepiece above the fireplace next to your law degree and a box full of fortune cookie quotes.

I want to make love to a good cup of coffee
While you tell me what it is that moves you.

Your aura causing the black matter to push me in directions that benefit me.

Your glow layering the solar system in chocolate & honey with every breath you take.

I suckle at the vanilla that are your words as they leave your lips for nutrients.

Never needing to come up for air as all faith that I had given up was placed in you once I saw your thoughts next to candlelight.

Admiring the way your skin reflects light as if your own purity outmatches that of the sun.

You are a catalog of beauty and a paragon of what it means to be a woman who is unmoved by opinion, observation, and those that would mold you into what they think you should be.

How amazing it was, to meet someone such as you.

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