She Was A Dreamweaver

She implanted dreams of intimacy.

As she locked her legs around me I closed my eyes.

Only to open them and to realize that I am lying right beside her.

She’s sound asleep with her mouth slightly open.

I admire how cute she is when she’s peaceful and I sink back into the bed.

Closing my eyes only to see her twist and bend as I sink into her.

Honey begins to seep down her walls over the paintings of her desires.

I hear her mumble something under her breath; what I could only assume was a fire spell.

A warmth is felt as I am taken to the space between two hydrogen molecules.

Us blending to create something more pure than water.

She whispers my name and again my eyes close.

Revealing her half naked body partially covered by the bed sheets.

Her right arm and leg laid over me as she slept.

There was a pressure in my shorts and a scent in the air.

A scent unfamiliar, but I knew it’s origin.

Something ancient in me stirred as I leaned in closer.

Her eyes slowly opened and she stared.

Both of us smiling as we closed our eyes to re-enter our dream.

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