I like it when she’s aggressive.
How she grips my soul when she tosses one leg over my imagination.
Mounting me like a dragon, cutting my scales as she drags her fingernails over my armor.
Whispering incantations into my ear.
Turning flesh into stone as her words carve hieroglyphs onto my bones.
So intimate that when she moans I hear my own moans in the back of my mind.
She closes her eyes but still I see passed her eye lids into the nothingness as she commands me.
Her hair swaying in the wind that she conjures around us.
As I am lifted into the void.
My name is whispered from between her thighs.

She is the amalgamation of pleasure.

Her skin radiates alongside mine as she takes me away to a paradise made of carved ice and liquid fire.
She let’s go of my soul as she places it between her lips.
She kisses me just as the world begins to manifest itself around us.

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