Tiger’s Eye

She follows the rhythm that flows through my fingers.
Sharing similar taste as her’s lingers.
In my mouth the taste of her flesh; I desire more.
Sliding nail down soft skin as we converse with the sun rising.
Grazing over expectations with our fingertips.
Our lips dissecting the barriers from past battles.
We plant ourselves in common ground.
Her skin absorbs the sun the same way I want to absorb her.

My hands attempt to carve away the uncertainty that I see in her eyes.
I want to chase her across the country.
Over the mountains, through the desert, across lakes and rivers.
I want to watch her body flow into mine.
While time melts into a blend of colors as we hold hands.
The way her hair falls over her face is a beautifully orchestrated masterpiece.
Carefully engineered the way her smile creeps into my morning thoughts.
As I stare at the coffee that now shares a space with her in my morning routine.
Clinging to this bliss that she brings with her.
As my thoughts manifest fantasies of when I’ll be next to her again.


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