A signal flare into the emptiness. Red breathing light exhaling onto the walls of my soul. There is a sharpness in my breath that is stabbing my lungs. I am exhaustion. Monotony neatly packed in social media feeds. Unable to breathe as my beliefs are slammed back against the wooden boats. The New World just […]

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Flower Bed

I fell into a garden of flowers. And my skin melted into a softness. Exposing tendons and symetrical structures of bone. At first I laid there, Rotting away Being absorbed into something greater than me. There was a panic As I fought and struggled, My spine snapped, exposing malliable tissue. My claws and fangs bored […]

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Dis-jointed Connection

I have loved more often than I have taken full breaths. The caverns of my heart that are left are ancient. Predating hints of depression that I ward off using the leftover vapors from tears of pass lovers. Hiding under the covers with others To escape responsibility. Which vice shall I indulge in this time? […]

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My mind is sleepless As I rest between the creases of what it is I like about you. Subtle notes of lavender fill my senses As we commence to go out on dates in lands to us that are unfamiliar. Our words and laughter are unfiltered as I exhale into my cup of coffee. Placing […]

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Starter Pack

I miss seeing you exhale in layers. Painting my skin with every breath you release. You are the combination of every sweet flavor, I have ever tasted. Sticking to the roof of my mouth, Like a Now and Later. The equivalent of twisting two Starburst together. Like the way we twist words that are clever. […]

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Save The Rain Forest

I am the vacation. Not so much the destination, As I am visited when the leaves have fallen and the trees stand bare. When the chilled words of winter leave the lips of your lovers. It is me that you come to when the nights grow long and cold. My covers are where you find […]

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