I am stuck in this shell that is made of many metals. Surveying the landscape, Looking for other metals to put onto the metals that have been there for years. But every metal I find is of an origin that I do not know. And then it causes me to wonder. Do I even know […]

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There is a clock on the back of his hand. Ticking constantly. As time is known to do. The seconds clicking over his skin. Leaving cuts that will never heal. Permanent reminders of every misstep. Minutes slowly dragging, edging deeper. Slicing over scabs and dried blood. Deep thunderous knocking that rattles knuckles. The gears twisting […]

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Dear Breath of Fresh Air

I will say this to you plainly. You are someone that I admire. From your soft feet to your perfectly “managed” head of hair. From your deep contemplation to your to your laughter induced conversations. You are calming. An ocean breeze that gently nuzzles my leaves. Your smile is a prism of happiness that I […]

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A signal flare into the emptiness. Red breathing light exhaling onto the walls of my soul. There is a sharpness in my breath that is stabbing my lungs. I am exhaustion. Monotony neatly packed in social media feeds. Unable to breathe as my beliefs are slammed back against the wooden boats. The New World just […]

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Dis-jointed Connection

I have loved more often than I have taken full breaths. The caverns of my heart that are left are ancient. Predating hints of depression that I ward off using the leftover vapors from tears of pass lovers. Hiding under the covers with others To escape responsibility. Which vice shall I indulge in this time? […]

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War-cry for Help

Trying to awake from slumber. Tied down by chains painted in gold. Gold teeth dig into the roof of my mouth. Making it hard to speak. I leave a nightmare where we requested a dream. Swimming endlessly into the oblivion that my strength has created. I am stronger than my peers, but they have all […]

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