Boy of Flora

I waited for the river to reach me. I stood there with my toes clutching at the earth. Burying my roots into the ground. Waiting to be watered. The sun glaring, burning as the coils of my hair extended to the blue sky. My skin pulsed with blood as the wind juked around the trees […]

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Stitching It Together

I am a fan buying a woman gifts. Connecting the dots As I shop for myself with the person I spend moments with. Locating the rift In our personal wardrobes. Remembering conversations where I was told. Her favorite type of clothes. Careful calculations as I offer suggestions to complete the equation on what it is […]

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In a misguided attempt to fly without wings he fell to his doom. Living his life based on the opinion of his peers. He made no room for himself inside his soul. Shoving and constricting. Twisting and bending to fit into the iron box that was constructed by people who didn’t even know his last […]

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Her: Fade

Every time you spoke my heart grew softer. I sat in close proximity to you. Pretending like the wounds you caused had healed. Like I didn’t lay awake at night picking at the scabs left by your venom. The night went on and I smiled through the plexiglass. Glancing over towards you hoping that we […]

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Mint Julep

I wonder if I’ll find love here. The women are either already involved. Think religion is their only salvation. Or they’re just not into me. And they think me weird. Should I suffocate my desire for love until the flame of my passion expires? Or admire every woman that catches my eye from a far. […]

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Mononoke: Fear of Beauty

I met a nine-tailed fox last night. It’s fur glowing through the forest and the cracks of my curiosity. It’s eyes wide; piercing. Examining my intentions as it circled around me. I entered a low stance with my right hand on the hilt of my dagger. My left palm facing the fox. It slowing walked […]

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