w.O.W – without Wonder

I have needed to write for some time. I have needed to cleanse with a pen this pain that hangs around my neck like a golden-plated noose. My toenails chip away from the concrete as I deplete my mental reserves. Blended into monotony. Scrapping the earth desperately wanting to be rooted. My vision, Planted on […]

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Untitled 001

I love how different we are How like stars we are Complex with similar elements to let us know we all belong to the same existence Walking around I take note of the differences and I acknowledge the spectrum Taking note that we’re starting to realize that life isn’t so binary Life isn’t So black […]

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Lemonade & Success

She walks through the door with open pores. Fresh out the shower. Told me to give her an hour while she gets dressed. I am stressed, no less, and I protest. But I don’t mind. She’s the reason why I haven’t chased my dreams even though I dream of her. She’s the reason why my […]

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Mint Julep

I wonder if I’ll find love here. The women are either already involved. Think religion is their only salvation. Or they’re just not into me. And they think me weird. Should I suffocate my desire for love until the flame of my passion expires? Or admire every woman that catches my eye from a far. […]

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Kindred Stranger(spoken word)

  I have watched my kin argue over which sin is greater. Is the greatest sin to not love the one that sits beside you in your calmest moments. To those that think otherwise. Float on I say. Float on. Why don’t we talk about which star is the brightest in the sky; Instead we contemplate […]

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