Untitled 001

I love how different we are How like stars we are Complex with similar elements to let us know we all belong to the same existence Walking around I take note of the differences and I acknowledge the spectrum Taking note that we’re starting to realize that life isn’t so binary Life isn’t So black […]

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Her: Fade

Every time you spoke my heart grew softer. I sat in close proximity to you. Pretending like the wounds you caused had healed. Like I didn’t lay awake at night picking at the scabs left by your venom. The night went on and I smiled through the plexiglass. Glancing over towards you hoping that we […]

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Your head on my chest, I remember when you called me the best. Me running my fingers through what’s left of our relationship. Combing through the catacombs where we keep our secrets. We don’t want to keep secrets, but we were never committed. No advice is given to the other about what job isn’t worth […]

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Revolver [soul]

I sat down waiting for that door to swing open to reveal your figure. Your eyes, your hair, and your smile. Hoping that I still had some luck left. Or that the universe would allow me to play Russian roulette with my soul one more time.

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