Your Friend

you’re friend’s with someone. you consider them your sister, your brother. you break bread together. you live together. and if the zombie apocalypse ever became a reality. you’d kill together. well not really because the living dead isn’t really living but you understand. you sit there with your friend and you’d always have their back […]

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Sour Green Eyes

I make mistakes based on illusions that I believe in. I make assumptions based on the rules that I’m given. Drifting down a river made of hydrogen and fossils. Fossils of those that have felt the acid of my tears. The pieciring of my tongue, in more ways than one. Words as sharp as the […]

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Last night I reached over to place my hand on your face and you weren’t there. I thought about the way moonlight hits your eyes. I miss your smile and your voice. The way you say my name as if it were the first time. The way you question me whenever I look in your […]

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Revolver [soul]

I sat down waiting for that door to swing open to reveal your figure. Your eyes, your hair, and your smile. Hoping that I still had some luck left. Or that the universe would allow me to play Russian roulette with my soul one more time.

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Black IT Guy (Cubicle) [repost]

Difficult. The position that I’m in. As I sit at my desk inside my cubicle. The glare from the monitor cascading off of my keyboard. I feel helpless. Or better yet selfish. Reading articles of injustice and legal murder against those of my.. race. People who I share a common descent with. My eyes water. […]

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