I am stuck in this shell that is made of many metals. Surveying the landscape, Looking for other metals to put onto the metals that have been there for years. But every metal I find is of an origin that I do not know. And then it causes me to wonder. Do I even know […]

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There is a clock on the back of his hand. Ticking constantly. As time is known to do. The seconds clicking over his skin. Leaving cuts that will never heal. Permanent reminders of every misstep. Minutes slowly dragging, edging deeper. Slicing over scabs and dried blood. Deep thunderous knocking that rattles knuckles. The gears twisting […]

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Dis-jointed Connection

I have loved more often than I have taken full breaths. The caverns of my heart that are left are ancient. Predating hints of depression that I ward off using the leftover vapors from tears of pass lovers. Hiding under the covers with others To escape responsibility. Which vice shall I indulge in this time? […]

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Untitled 001

I love how different we are How like stars we are Complex with similar elements to let us know we all belong to the same existence Walking around I take note of the differences and I acknowledge the spectrum Taking note that we’re starting to realize that life isn’t so binary Life isn’t So black […]

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In a misguided attempt to fly without wings he fell to his doom. Living his life based on the opinion of his peers. He made no room for himself inside his soul. Shoving and constricting. Twisting and bending to fit into the iron box that was constructed by people who didn’t even know his last […]

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Her: Fade

Every time you spoke my heart grew softer. I sat in close proximity to you. Pretending like the wounds you caused had healed. Like I didn’t lay awake at night picking at the scabs left by your venom. The night went on and I smiled through the plexiglass. Glancing over towards you hoping that we […]

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