There is a clock on the back of his hand.
Ticking constantly.
As time is known to do.
The seconds clicking over his skin.
Leaving cuts that will never heal.
Permanent reminders of every misstep.
Minutes slowly dragging, edging deeper.
Slicing over scabs and dried blood.
Deep thunderous knocking that rattles knuckles.
The gears twisting skin.
Forming wrinkles on fingers.
Joints rotating in painful ways.
Tarnished brass that no longer has a reflection.
Unable to see himself.
Time has not be kind,
To the man that has not been kind.

Dense Love

Dense Love

I seek a love that that is dense,

Growing in every direction.

Infecting rainbows that show themselves after rainy days.

I want to make time from scratch.

From photons and neutrons, I want to create the fabric this love is wrapped in.

Grant me passage to your ecosystem,

So I can wash away the dead cells.

I seek a love that purges.

Let me gargle what ails you.

I am the cleanser,

Seeking a love our descendants will remember.

Buried in the seams of their genes.

I seek a love I can reflect on.

Looking up at mirrored images on ice flung from comets.

Gazing into the womb of forever.

I want us to bloom together.

Synthesizing spiritual nectar.

For our offspring to take back to the hive of our ancestors.

I want to draft a cosmic letter.

With a love that reaches beyond forever.


Flower Bed

Flower Bed

I fell into a garden of flowers.
And my skin melted into a softness.
Exposing tendons and symetrical structures of bone.
At first
I laid there,
Rotting away
Being absorbed into something greater than me.
There was a panic
As I fought and struggled,
My spine snapped, exposing malliable tissue.
My claws and fangs bored holes so big
They swallowed the radiating light being cast from the flowers that surrounded me.
Snarling as the vines tried to repair my broken spine.
My fangs struck, tearing petals and the remainder of my skin.
Pieces of me flew into the air
Cascading with leaves and stems.
The vines tugged at my frame and I was unable to move.
Frozen, I felt a calm come over me.
My eyes filled with tears as flowers began to grow out me.



My mind is sleepless

As I rest between the creases of what it is I like about you.

Subtle notes of lavender fill my senses

As we commence to go out on dates in lands to us that are unfamiliar.

Our words and laughter are unfiltered as I exhale into my cup of coffee.

Placing a hand on your leg as you speak our future into existence.

Planting seeds of fortune into my remembrance.

Stitching cloths together from two different tribes.

Painting each others faces with kisses.

Submerging ourselves into each other’s existence.

Starter Pack

Starter Pack

I miss seeing you exhale in layers.
Painting my skin with every breath you release.
You are the combination of every sweet flavor,
I have ever tasted.
Sticking to the roof of my mouth,
Like a Now and Later.
The equivalent of twisting two Starburst together.
Like the way we twist words that are clever.
Trading humor like Pokemon cards.
You’re the holographic I have been searching for.



I want to feel your warmth as I enter you.

Discovering the hidden parts of your rain forest that your soul created.

Reaching in the deepest parts of your oasis;

Searching for you, within you.



I like it when she’s aggressive.
How she grips my soul when she tosses one leg over my imagination.
Mounting me like a dragon, cutting my scales as she drags her fingernails over my armor.
Whispering incantations into my ear.
Turning flesh into stone as her words carve hieroglyphs onto my bones.
So intimate that when she moans I hear my own moans in the back of my mind.
She closes her eyes but still I see passed her eye lids into the nothingness as she commands me.
Her hair swaying in the wind that she conjures around us.
As I am lifted into the void.
My name is whispered from between her thighs.

She is the amalgamation of pleasure.

Her skin radiates alongside mine as she takes me away to a paradise made of carved ice and liquid fire.
She let’s go of my soul as she places it between her lips.
She kisses me just as the world begins to manifest itself around us.