Your Friend

you’re friend’s with someone. you consider them your sister, your brother. you break bread together. you live together. and if the zombie apocalypse ever became a reality. you’d kill together. well not really because the living dead isn’t really living but you understand. you sit there with your friend and you’d always have their back […]

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Black IT Guy (Cubicle) [repost]

Difficult. The position that I’m in. As I sit at my desk inside my cubicle. The glare from the monitor cascading off of my keyboard. I feel helpless. Or better yet selfish. Reading articles of injustice and legal murder against those of my.. race. People who I share a common descent with. My eyes water. […]

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It’s A Different Light

I want something to show us in a different light. Show us falling in love without the help of some divine intervention. Show us hate someone without the connotation that we can’t be upset without being violent. It’s hard to watch movies, TV shows, and read any kind of fictional literature. It feels as if […]

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