Save The Rain Forest

I am the vacation. Not so much the destination, As I am visited when the leaves have fallen and the trees stand bare. When the chilled words of winter leave the lips of your lovers. It is me that you come to when the nights grow long and cold. My covers are where you find […]

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Planetary Comparison

This form of mine is wasted. On constant false relations. Hoping that my love can someday be reciprocated. Am I less of man to admit that I get lonely. My hands kept warm by the illuminated keyboard as I type out lines of poetry Confessing a need for a deeper connection. Sometimes I want my […]

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Tiger’s Eye

She follows the rhythm that flows through my fingers. Sharing similar taste as her’s lingers. In my mouth the taste of her flesh; I desire more. Sliding nail down soft skin as we converse with the sun rising. Grazing over expectations with our fingertips. Our lips dissecting the barriers from past battles. We plant ourselves […]

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I like it when she’s aggressive. How she grips my soul when she tosses one leg over my imagination. Mounting me like a dragon, cutting my scales as she drags her fingernails over my armor. Whispering incantations into my ear. Turning flesh into stone as her words carve hieroglyphs onto my bones. So intimate that […]

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Proof of Evolution

The gills in my lungs that are dormant, I would reawaken. If it is your love That I can drink in. You are the carbon, Of which my being is based, If I could say what it is that I adore about you. It would be your taste. Your taste in men like me Is […]

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She worries about her smile, All the while it reminds me of starlight in the moonlight. Just as works of art take time to develop like photographs in a dark room. She was beautiful before the cocoon, And she will be after. Her interest in her inadequacies, And the probability of her not being enough […]

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