w.O.W – without Wonder

I have needed to write for some time. I have needed to cleanse with a pen this pain that hangs around my neck like a golden-plated noose. My toenails chip away from the concrete as I deplete my mental reserves. Blended into monotony. Scrapping the earth desperately wanting to be rooted. My vision, Planted on […]

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Exodus of Mind

There was a time when we as a people looked to those that were around us, Instead of what we theorize may be above us. This isn’t slander nor a way to push my agenda, I only mention this as it as plagued my mind for some time ever since I started putting pen to […]

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Kindred Stranger(spoken word)

  I have watched my kin argue over which sin is greater. Is the greatest sin to not love the one that sits beside you in your calmest moments. To those that think otherwise. Float on I say. Float on. Why don’t we talk about which star is the brightest in the sky; Instead we contemplate […]

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A Great Way To Start A Novel

Offering my heart like lemon drops at happy hour. Years of it being thrown behind the shoulder. I could be bitter. I could be sour, but that means I’ve let it get to me. Instead we play cards at an obsidian table. Exchange free compliments like after dinner mints. Dinner was great by the way, […]

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Your Friend

you’re friend’s with someone. you consider them your sister, your brother. you break bread together. you live together. and if the zombie apocalypse ever became a reality. you’d kill together. well not really because the living dead isn’t really living but you understand. you sit there with your friend and you’d always have their back […]

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