Yen(spoken word)

Money is the anthem is the greatest statement Walk around wall street, smell it in the pavement Money isn’t everything is a pacifist┬ástatement No ones ever not had it and said ‘yeah i made it’ The true pretenders are always the big spenders and the envious stand around hoping to be lotto winners Money isn’t […]

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Lone Legacy – Spoken Word

As I glance over the ocean that is my life. I see memories in the shape of islands. Islands that belong to lovers, families, friends. When it all ends I wonder what kind of picture my ocean will paint. As my mind begins to fade and the color in my eyes turns a darker shade. […]

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Parseltongue – Spoken Word

Enough with the bullshit as you spew acid from your foul lips. Your tongue is toxic. I shadow box with the lies that you manifest. I hate that I invest time like there’s nothing else. I could be chasing wealth or even someone else. You tampered with the cards you were dealt. The way you […]

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