I look up from my phone in the direction where the remark came from followed by laughter. It’s too dark to tell so I look back at my phone. Being obtuse never got anyone anywhere, but it’s the safest way to stand on a soapbox without the risk of falling. A picture of Muhammad Ali appears on my Instagram timeline. A smile chiseled itself into the corners of my mouth. The night faded into the sky like a napkin soaking up dark blue paint. That same moldy smell sailed across my nostrils as I made my way to the bar I frequent. It had been awhile since I roamed the streets alone; Walking at a pace like I had somewhere to be. It was a ruse. Another weekend where I try my chances at meeting someone. I’m sure the chances had probably increased since they opened up that new shopping mall. The more I thought about it, the more I realized the kind of women I was interested in probably mainly shopped online. In between their video games matches they would order a summer dress and a pair of shoes that sat in their wish list.
Pocket Watch

I am love reborn.
I am religion.
False understanding of breathing.
I am heat.
Red hot steel at the tip of a dagger.
I am the horizon of your potential.
I am the downpour.
The water that escapes a glass of ice.
I am the first time you heard This Woman’s Work by Maxwell.
The first time you saw that D’Angelo music video.
I am the sweat that becomes another layer of skin.
The contact of lips to someone’s soul.
I am the cup of coffee that you make love to in the morning.
I will be your everything.

We will be everything.

Our Kingdoms United

We waited for the moon to rise for our hearts to collide.
Down the stairs we ran as the clock struck twelve.
Holding hands as we began our romance saga.

Our Romance Saga

The battle of the three kingdoms.
Yours, mine, and one that we would build together.

Both our armies stood at each other’s frontline.
Awaiting a signal flare so that we would know to lower our weapons and no longer look at each other as enemies.
I approched your throne in red and gold armor with a dragon crest that rested on the left side of my chest.
You stood up and your gown made of chainmail rattled as it made contact with the floor.
My hand extended; I guided you down the stairs of your annointed chair and in my arms I took you.
I took your heart, your suffering, your dreams, and your body into mine.
As my desires melted into magma and your dreams began to crystalize; Both of our intangible wills surrounded the love that we had for each other.
In that moment we both could fathom what a life together would mean.
The idea that we could inspire those around us to love harder and forgive easier.
Instill that same love into our children so that they too may know what it is to grow in love so rapidly.
That it would only be matched by the expansion of the universe that our love would dwell in.

Our Kingdoms United

Nebulous Desire

Her morality was jeopardized by her oral.
Little did she know this would be the last time that she went bobbing for apples.
The last time she’d show her worth by sucking the ozone layer from someone else’s skull.
The tip of the iceberg was kept in her jeans made of denim.
The ash left from the volcano that destroyed her world long ago colored her hair in a different shade of guilt.
With nothing left but her last breath
She clutched her pearls closely to her chest.
Attempting to breathe through her nose while her throat was constricted.
This is what death feels like when you’ve died a hundred times.
Like replacing your sweat with iodine and your tears with liquid magnesium.
Fatal elements dancing around her tongue as her hair is pulled by the dark matter that is unseen.
The cosmos dance in her eyes as she looked up at the monument in front of her.
Chiseled out of stardust and dispersing atoms at the speed of the light.


I grab a towel from the bed and clean her face.
We kiss until our body temperature cools and then we talk about what we’re having for dinner.



Would you like me if I looked at you from afar?
Approached you shouting my name and beating my chest before asking who you are?
What would you think if I ignored you enough to make you wonder if you were a priority.
Never giving you a chance to blossom and abusing my male authority.
Would you like it if I sat on the couch while you cooked and cleaned?
Ignoring your request to keep our space pristine.
How about if I chose a night out with friends over a day in with you?
Leave you in your favorite store alone as you shopped for shoes.
What if I yelled when all you did was tell me you’re not happy?
Instructing you on things that you can and cannot ask me.
What if every door was left for you to open?
Make you question the words from me that were spoken.
Would you stay if all I showed was lust?
My phone faced down locked to arouse a feeling of distrust.
Would it please you if my coldness was unending?
As I showed more kindness to random women that I befriended.


We Take Vacations Frequently

I miss when we were Pangaea.

Bleeding at the stitching that binds us together.

We like when our triumph shows.

Love when our soul glows.

Just let it.

Have fun as we tumble down the mountain that we climbed.

Hearts unwind until all that’s left are gemstones.

Wind blows our petals across the ocean.

As we pedal on our bikes powered by clouds.

Stopped to do an Ollie off the Great Wall of China.

Then our next stop was the rings of Saturn.

That’s the only ring you deserve.

Anything less and Cthulhu would have gotten her way.

Sway with me in the solar winds.

Reach for the climax with our finger tips.

Shake your hips and give Earth’s moon a proper ozone layer.

Life falls from your rhythm.

Grow dandelions behind my ear where you use to kiss me.

I miss the way the universe tosses me around whenever you’re around.

Bounce back like the moon bounce.

The actual moon’s gravity is the closest thing to how free I felt with you.

Remix every love song I ever sung.

Steal the lyrics of my heart and rip apart the second one I created as a shield.

Play the piano hidden beneath my scars and make love to me in my car.

Parked outside the expectation that this will be the newest and the oldest relationship that we will ever have.

Heart strings turn into diamond chains as you wrap it around my neck.

You know what I like.

You have a novel that has my name stitched on the snakeskin cover.

We claim we’re lovers, but it’s a lie.

We are love.

And we are infinite.

Ride the magic carpet with me while Robin Williams makes jokes in the background.

This is bliss.        

Caesar’s Judgement

She was from a familiar region
Yet I still called her exotic.
As clean as newly formed glass
Though she enjoyed being referred to as dirty.
Whispered intimates in my ear as she paid the bar tab.
I couldn’t walk by her without her grabbing at my secrets.
Peeled all of my crisp layers off as I slowly baked from the heat that she gave off.
Illuminated my night
My planet attempted to harness the power of two suns.
As she rose above the clouds
Drying out all the rain that remained from days long gone.
She created no rainbow
And I knew she was false.