I look up from my phone in the direction where the remark came from followed by laughter. It’s too dark to tell so I look back at my phone. Being obtuse never got anyone anywhere, but it’s the safest way to stand on a soapbox without the risk of falling. A picture of Muhammad Ali […]

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Pocket Watch

I am love reborn. I am religion. False understanding of breathing. I am heat. Red hot steel at the tip of a dagger. I am the horizon of your potential. I am the downpour. The water that escapes a glass of ice. I am the first time you heard This Woman’s Work by Maxwell. The […]

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Our Kingdoms United

We waited for the moon to rise for our hearts to collide. Down the stairs we ran as the clock struck twelve. Holding hands as we began our romance saga. Our Romance Saga The battle of the three kingdoms. Yours, mine, and one that we would build together. Both our armies stood at each other’s […]

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Nebulous Desire

Her morality was jeopardized by her oral. Little did she know this would be the last time that she went bobbing for apples. The last time she’d show her worth by sucking the ozone layer from someone else’s skull. The tip of the iceberg was kept in her jeans made of denim. The ash left […]

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Would you like me if I looked at you from afar? Approached you shouting my name and beating my chest before asking who you are? What would you think if I ignored you enough to make you wonder if you were a priority. Never giving you a chance to blossom and abusing my male authority. […]

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We Take Vacations Frequently

I miss when we were Pangaea. Bleeding at the stitching that binds us together. We like when our triumph shows. Love when our soul glows. Just let it. Have fun as we tumble down the mountain that we climbed. Hearts unwind until all that’s left are gemstones. Wind blows our petals across the ocean. As […]

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Caesar’s Judgement

She was from a familiar region Yet I still called her exotic. As clean as newly formed glass Though she enjoyed being referred to as dirty. Whispered intimates in my ear as she paid the bar tab. I couldn’t walk by her without her grabbing at my secrets. Peeled all of my crisp layers off […]

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